In the evening, when the rosy sun is setting down
behind the trees and we’re alone
Nothing matters but you and me, too.         
In the morning, when you’re lying snug beside me
and I grab you like a Yeti bear
No one else could ever do. 

And in the afternoon, just about a quarter of two
I look up to the sky pale blue
And I spy a lovely , faded , dusty white moon. 

And just like you, just like you, she never gets to sleep
She’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders
And she’s keeping an eye on her fellow constellations
Just like you, radiant and true,
Making sure the world’s revolving as it should. 

And at midnight,
when you’re chasing sheep across the sky and aching for a lullaby,

Let me be, please let me be, let me be the one to sing to you

To you, to sing to you, to you, to sing to you, to you, to you

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