Words of advice fashioned spaces so wide
I’d travel for miles for a stitch to mend
Balancing, balancing, never beginning
And so we make sure it will never end
Are one and two three, Mr. Trinity?

Tell me, tell me everything
Let me feast on your mind and enter your eyes
Do I see other lives past the make believe?
If I were to run out of questions
Would you walk away?
Grasp the quivering arrow
Rebuff poor Beast

This is unanimous and we can point towards
Any infinity that we please
You’ll yield for a moment
But you’ll never rupture
And so this is how it will have to be
It will have to be


I know why I found you
I know why I’m here
And it’s not for the reasons you think I am.
The captive is willing
The captain is sinking
The teacher is learning that
Heat won’t burn
And she can learn

So let’s just forget the whole thing
And eat the cake you made
Just stick around for today
In six years we just might fathom
If this was meant to be
Move a smidgen over
Make room for Beast

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