disco ball descends, spinning
pupils wide-pass me by
what’s so wrong with laughing, screaming
spitting fire into the sky?
cowboy cover my dreams with your whipping cream
philosophize through slits of eyes
you taunt me and you tease me
but you hardly ever please me
straddle up to the saddle
rip off your disguise

naughty boy
my mighty wit just doesn’t faze you
as you laugh through that demonic grin
naughty boy
I could just kiss you but you’d miss the point completely
wouldn’t you
wouldn’t you

fast away the night she passes
drive into the rising sun
accompany the Buck to the altar
(you know she won’t be the final one)

while away the day with complexities
analyse, hypothesize
i’m holding up a mirror but you don’t see any clearer
perhaps you’re looking through vampire eyes


inciting riots in my mind
rotating gentle then unkind
perceive an object as it is, was and will be
your moods affect me like the tide
balancing apathy with pride
my speechless stupor when you
“what does it mean?”

naughty boy
you make us wait as you debate
what colour lipstick matches with your heels
naughty boy
I must confess I like it best
when you tell me how you truly feel
naughty boy
we were such friends until the end and then
it ended so ironically
naughty boy
tell Dolly Dan I miss the band
When my nostalgia clouds my sanity

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